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Welcome to Heart Soul Teach. 

When I became a teacher I did not realise how much of myself would be caught up in the hearts of the children in my care.

When you teach, when you truly teach, not just ABCs and 123s, you stand a good chance of experiencing a vast range of emotions within a school year, a school term and even just a single school day. You are blessed with the precious little lives of unique individuals who are looking to you to guide them in their learning. You are responsible for all areas of their wellbeing and are charged with helping to shape them into the adults they will become in their future. It is vitally important to realise this before you even think about lesson plans and assessment results.

I believe my purpose as a teacher is to teach hearts and shape souls. When my inbox is packed with emails, or my desk is overflowing with never-ending tasks, I often remind myself of why I am here.

Proverbs 18:21 (The Message) says,

Words kill, words give life;
    they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.

Each and every day as a teacher you have to make a choice when you speak words into the hearts of your students. And you do speak to their hearts – whether you think you do or not. In the midst of the Mathematics lesson, the morning routine or out in the playground, you can bring hurt or you can bring hope. You can enable doubts or you can allow dreams to grow.

In creating this blog, I hope to encourage and inspire you in your teaching and in your life. I hope you receive a little more light in your heart and your soul after visiting.



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